Teacher was rude to me

Friday I started Latuda and Monday I was feeling paranoid anxious depressed. So I skipped class, stopped the Latuda. Started to feel better. I emailed the teacher and told her I was sick and emailed her my assignments. She emailed me back twice in a completely rude manner. Bitching me out. So I skipped Wednesday because I’m real sensitive to stuff like that. I can’t take it. Especially since I was sick. All my symptoms were acting up. So I brought it up in IOP and they told me my school has resources to help mentally ill people. So I contacted my case manager and he’s now trying to get me in touch with a counselor. So the counselor will work with my teacher to give me more time to get assignments done and if I’m not feeling well I can miss class. Of course I wouldn’t abuse this system but sometimes your symptoms act up in the most in opportune times. Still mad she was rude. No one should be rude to anybody. But at least there’s this system out here to help.


Good job for reaching out for help. I get extra time too and a quiet place to take tests. I was unsure about taking advantage of the special accomodations but the dean of student affairs advised me to do it.


make good use of the counsellor. As regards the teacher, give her another chance and see if she comes round. Don’t let this teacher defeat you.

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Everyone is rude to me eventually (in real life).
Most of the people I know have said really mean things to me.
I agree with you 100% but it’s everywhere… what can you do?

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The student’s with disabilities office is what got me through my first year of school.

Sure did help me with notes… tutoring… and other things.

I’m glad you contacted them.