Tea help (about the drink)

I drink tea and I am down to my last straw. There was a great company online called Specialty Teas that sold good loose leaf tea at a good price. Black, white, herbal, rooibos, everything. Of course first flush was expensive (so we never got that. First flush is the very top leaves) but second flush was very reasonable.
Teavana bought them out and I have come to hate them with the passion of a million suns. They have swarmed my site with cruddy yuppy herbal teas (I agree herbals can be good, but they just throw sugar in there and a bunch of stuff that sounds fancy, not good fragrant flower and such).
Does anyone know a good site where I can get good loose leaf tea?

I scour China town for good tea shops. I also go to health food shops due to the fact that they at least have the basics and then blend your own. Call around to them first and ask if they have a bulk tea section. Some do, some don’t.

I’d say check the web in your area for some good independent tea rooms or tea shops and talk to a person who can blend something both tasty and helpful.

There is no area. I live in a small town that doesn’t even have a book store any more, much less something as nice as a tea shop! I’ve seen barrel filled with coffee at Whole Foods, but no tea beyond the ground up bag tea. Do you know any of these shops that has a website? My Dad would probably be hesitant to order from them but I’m willing to give them a try! I’m desperate to get away from Teavana.

I used to like this one when my favorite shop didn’t exist yet…

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I have ordered from here but it was years ago.


I wish I could like this more than once! Thank you so much! It seems just like Specialty Teas!

It’s been years since i had loose leaf tea. Not since i switched to decaf. I know some speciality online shops do it but it’s so expensive and p&p isn’t usually free unless you buy in bulk.

p&p? (this wants 20 characters so: rfjdsil)

i bought some twinings once but i was a bit messy and i had a strainer to catch all the leaves lol but it was a bit messy and i couldnt even make a simple cup of tea with that and it was english breakfast flavour to lol.

i have only ever had tea from a bag but i recently found a better one called yorkshire tea and it is much better than the ordinary tetley i used to always drink, i tried scottish blend but it was horrible and weak lol.

p&p means postage and packaging btw

Have you tried a tea ball? It holds the leaves while the tea brews so you just pull it out when you are done. No mess! (Unless it is like my sencha with some leaves that have been crushed from when I threw it in a box).