Taylor Swift’s new song ‘You need to calm down’ drives donations to LGBTQ advocacy group, but not without critics

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While the criticisms seem valid, I think that all in all it’s beneficial to the cause to have Taylor Swift as an ally. We need more outspoken allies. We’re still very far from actual equality, general acceptance and an absence of discrimination.

Also, I like the song.


I agree fully. It’s catchy, and even if it’s a little misguided, her heart was clearly in the right spot and we need more allies. If comparing cyber-bullying to homophobia gets people to connect with the community more, that’s a good thing.


I just happen to like the song, put it in high rotation.


The volunteer ladies that I work with are all soooo anti gay and anti abortion. They are ultra conservative and talk conservative politics all the time and I just have to keep my mouth shut at all times because I am so out numbered. I can’t breathe a word. My silence speaks volumes to them though. They know something is up with me.

Funny thing is, they are all so blind to my rainbow bracelet that I wear everyday right under their noses.

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My son was “laid off” from his job this past January because he’s gay. They were raving about how great he is, such a hard worker, etc., until his fiancée came to visit (they were expecting a girl) Suddenly he got fewer hours and then was let go with a bogus excuse.
We live in a small conservative town, even though it’s California, and the pseudo Christians here are awful.
It needs to be more and more accepted openly so that ignorance is outnumbered.


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