Tattoos and Madness


A lot of Bukowski here, love it.

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I have a friend with a tattoo that says NEVER GIVE UP
Only problem is that when she is wearing T-shirts and such, the never is covered :stuck_out_tongue:


I liked this most …


Find what you love and let it kill you…I love it…delightfully mad insight…

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I will get this tattooed under my collar bone.

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That’s good for you cuz you’re a dancer :slight_smile:

My sister has tons of tattoos, her boyfriend too. Don’t go too crazy with tattoos!

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Yes, don’t start going overboard with tattoos! :scream:


Where you getting your next tattoo?

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I will get an ankle tattoo… one on my neck… if I loose weight under my belly button.

One under my arm in a vertical space next to my boob.

one under or over collar bone.

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OH wow you must like tattoos

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