Tattoo for dad

I plan on the 3rd to get a tattoo for my dad and daughter. I plan to get a cherry blossom with two pedals falling down my arm… I kinda wanna put some words around the pedals but idk what to put… does anyone have an idea?


That’s a nice idea, @Twialine.

Did your dad have any favorite sayings, or a favorite song?

Maybe you can get the saying or lyrics tattooed around the cherry blossom.

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@Schztuna unfortunately no

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Just be aware the text will need to be reasonably large. Small lettering become illegible with time. Loops close up, and stuff like that, as the lines thicken over time.


I have a tattoo for my dad, as well as one for my mom. My dad was crazy about airplanes, so I got just a little silhuoette (however that is spelled) of a jetliner taking off.


What about something like “forever in my heart” or their birth dates?

I’m sorry for your loss @Twialine.

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