Taste buds and meds

Im taking 4 risperdal 150 serltine 200 serqoul

What from this made me hate most foods i love? Im not loving liver anymore or sweet and sour taste cant love taste of coffee like before i cant eat barbecue sauce also

Everything well expect this

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Outside of you posting this before, I have never heard of Ap’s affecting taste buds.

A google search turned up several articles though so I guess it’s a thing.

Im really going crazy doctor said this also on whatsapp im asking about experience because i searched too much it really dont change too much

Whatever im living from 6 month best days in my life better then before meds im doing perfect just trying to understand and fix this

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I dunno what advice I can offer. I saw lots of info on what causes taste bud changes in a google search but I did not see any solutions for it really.

I found this quote in an article:

“When medications are the cause of loss of taste, your doctor may choose to adjust or change your medication to alleviate this side effect.”

That may be the only thing that will do it.

Ok what from this meds dose? To talk to doctor and change it

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Sorry, I don’t understand your question.

Risperdal cause loose taste?
Or serqoul
Or sertline?

I’m afraid I don’t know the answer to that. Maybe you could try looking up the side effects of those three meds through google and see if you can find one that has that specific effect.

Try something like “Risperdal and taste loss”
on all three and see what comes up.

I tired searching i will go to doctor soon

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I’ve experienced this, but I’m not sure why.

First time I took invega I remember getting a metallic taste in my mouth . It’s a common side effect. Maybe what your experiencing is lack of pleasure from food?? Idk

Sloved try not to sleep too much really life and mood will be perfect wake up before sunshine to watch i got it finally taste back after sleeping only 7 hours instead of 10-12 hours

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