Task swap again


MY life is the same, my livingroom right now is a mass of paperwork that needs to be done, good but odd it has be a real busy Nov and Dec is turning out the same. Everything I do creates a piece of paperwork that needs to be done, and the cleaning suffers


Wishing you success. I’ve got a full plate as usual, but can’t use my computer to post to personal sites from work so I can’t share progress with you. Hope your day goes well.


I pay my therapist. I see her once every 15 days


I have had a 7-hour seminar and I’m struggling to finish my reading…

Edit: I actually haven’t even started…


When I find my fairy godmother I’m going to ask her to make me an adultier adult.


I’m slightly behind on my activity bucket and email, but I single-handedly got us from a week behind on renewal calls to a month out, and I did this inside of a week. Wish my other team members were helping out here. Anyhow, the boss is happy with me. She’s not impressed with my teammates.


Today, my tasks are to negotiate a new car for Mr. Star, get a haircut, write up some expense reports (my goal is at least three), and e-mail the company lawyer.


Wow! It seems like you stay pretty busy @ninjastar!


Well, we got the new car, and I managed to get $250 under invoice! This is why I buy cars in December. They’re desperate to unload their 2018s to make room for the 2019s. We got the exact one he wanted, fully loaded, with an excellent trade-in value for his old car. They threw in a few extra add-ons for free just to make me go away, I think. I’m not a fun person to negotiate with. But now, Mr. Star has his new car. I technically bought it for him, too, since we used the money we made from me selling the old house. It was mutual funds, but he never would have sold it for so much on his own. He’s a natural born sucker.

He’s so giddy, like a little kid. He spent all night reading the manuals cover to cover. It’s good to make him so happy. He does so much for me, and I don’t have too many skills that benefit him. But negotiating is one thing I can do that he can’t do himself.

Today, we are off to get a Christmas tree, and decorate the house merrily! What a good time! I have to do a bit of work today, but I’m taking it easy. The weekend is coming up, and we have a holiday party this weekend! Technically, we have three, but I think we will only go to one or two.


Kudos to you for keeping busy. I’m doing my once a year job now too. I’m making a list and checking twice. One of my drivers got an FWI so I’m scrambling to find a replacement. And my workers are threatening a strike. Apparently 1500 years of not being paid finally got to them.