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Weird how are own delusions seem so real to us but others can be percieved as completely unreal. What is it your trying to get out of this life @tyme, it probably wouldn’t be wanting to deal with this cia thoughts etc. Self reflecting my own situation, the hardest loop to overcome in my own experience with this illness is the “I’m not sick” factor of it. Even with a good degree of expressing myself normal in society, my main beliefs of the cause of the things I was experiencing was things other than being mentally ill. Even with this insight I still sometimes slip back into the thinking “I’m not sick.” Surely the experiences we have may seem so true to us, but I reason with you to think differently. We all have are struggles and own situations/life path we are on,/ going back to my original statement I hope you find what your looking for in life. Also thank you @notmoses for multiple resources given in your posts.

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take care :alien:

You and me – and probably most of us – from time to time. I have to use what I picked up from all those psychotherapies (and the Asian philosophies underpinning several of them) that were “distilled” or “concentrated” into those 10 StEPs to stay on top of that.

Schematherapy –
Learned Optimism –
Standard CBT –
10 StEP –

I wish I felt so special that I thought gigantic world organizations spend a lot of their time and resources on me and my daily life.

You are not being targeted. This is a delusion you are suffering from. Please stop posting this stuff here.

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