Targeted commercials

Been doing pretty good. Always feel better in the summer and going outside.

You know the way everything is tracked online and companies know every show you watch.
So I could swear they send commercials just to get me to buy stuff.
But I have good resistance and Never go shopping except for food.
So you know they do this stuff, but I’m not going to worry about it.

They seem to sponsor my favorite shows and web pages, so I guess that’s OK. :smile:

Web page advertising is down to a fine art at this point. Quite a lot of ads are indeed targeted.

Tv shows are just general demographics and guessing what type of audience watches what shows. Not so targeted.

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It is getting a bit unnerving how the internet can track stuff… but I don’t take it personally… I just have to keep telling myself… it’s just how it does business.

I don’t own a T.V. any more… I’m glad I don’t.

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