Tardive dyskinesia

People that have this: do the involuntary gestures remind you of other people that you know, or used to know?

How would TD remind me of others?

I worry about getting tardive dyskinesia one day. How do other people react around those who have it. Are they polite or do they poke fun at it? :thinking:

With risperidone, i was sticking my tongue out
constantly. It was ridiculous.

Now i jerk my head suddenly towards the left only.


I have cervical dystonia, not TD, but I have weird postures, sometimes, and I bob my head back and forth or my head will sway… Sometimes, I cock my head to the left side, and I just can’t help it… I try to straighten my head, but my neck muscles force it back to a cocked to the left position…

So far, nobody has commented on it, except for my husband (out of concern, asking how I’m feeling).

But to be fair, I haven’t spent tons of time around other family members, since the pandemic started. So, they haven’t really seen my movements when they’re really bad. I hope they won’t judge.

EDIT: I got cervical dystonia from AP’s, long-term use


Thanks for replying. I’m hoping people will be kind if it ever happens to me. I’ve been on APs a long time, so it’s a concern.

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I have involuntary gestures and facial expressions, sometimes. I think this is tardive dyskinesia.

They remind me of other people. I recall other people doing them.

Oh I see.
My head movement reminds me of
tics in movies

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