Tardive Dyskinesia Symptoms and Council

So I am starting to show some symptoms of TD after taking invega for about 10 months. I was told to go to the er where i spoke to a medical doctor who referred me to benedryl and claimed that this disorder brought on by medication is not permanent. While this sounds wonderful research tells me that TD is sometimes permanent and that switching meds isnt always the first course of action or done at all. I have seen the videos online and TD is not for me, it has no progressed much but I would rather not be medicated then allow that to happen. Does anyone else have or had TD? Is it permanent or did it go away? Did switching medications stop it? Please let me know.

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My son had it off and on when he was taking Prolixin.
He also had to take Cogentin which helped.
I think you should report all this to your doctor.