Tardive Dyskenisia

I was wondering about the incidence of Tardive Dyskenisia with Haldol. Is it very likely that I will get it? Somewhat likely? Or, it happens rarely?

I just started Haldol and I feel that is it working in conjunction with Abilify. But, I am reading that it can cause Tardive Dyskenisia. Any informed comments are appreciated.

The issue is that my cousin who is Bipolar has it. He is on Clozapine. I see him and I feel terrible. I don’t want this to happen to me.

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I was on haldol for a while, but the side effects (restless leg syndrome and dizziness/vertigo) were intolerable so I quit it. I didn’t want to be on it anyways because it does have a higher incidence of TD but the pdoc I had at the time gave me a choice between haldol and clozapine, so I thought haldol was the lesser of two evils, I didn’t want to do all the blood tests with clozapine. If I had another choice at that time I would of taken it. I’ve heard numerous stories about people on Haldol getting TD.

I got a new pdoc and he put me on Lurasidone (Latuda) 60mg which is what I am currently on.

Lurasidone has a low incidence of TD. Prior to that I was on Olanzapine which also has a lower incidence of TD. But it is still possible with both.


Is TD reversible if you realize early you got it?

It may go away if you notice it early and discontinue the problem med. Or it may not. The majority of people who get TD are stuck with it for life.


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I see. Haldol is scaring the hell out of me. Would you know if the medications to treat TD work?

Honestly, no. Just what I’ve read about it over the years. I’ve been lucky that nearly three decades of being off and on Haldol hasn’t whomped me yet.

You are on Haldol? What dosage? And, why are you on and off?

1 mg pills for use as a PRN. Geodon is my main AP.

Oh that is a low dose. In that case you probably shouldn’t get it.

I take enough to make the positive symptoms manageable and maintain insight, but not so much that it affects my cognition.

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That is good. In my case the voices completely go away with Abilify alone. I simply can’t find another medication for hypomania/thoughts.

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Interesting that you mentioned cognitive impairment with Haldol. I have taken 1.5 mgs of Haldol one dose and I feel cognitively a lot better. Head is much clearer.

They used to nuke me with high doses in the early years when I was treatment resistant (don’t think I am now). It basically turned me into a piece of furniture.

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Dam. Probably high doses do that.

So, how did you become from treatment resistant to working full time and stuff?

Idk why everybody hates Clozapine. Drs say its the best for all sz symptoms including negative and cognitive. I would be on it if it wasn’t for the blood tests. I see users here who are doing very good on Clozapine including working.

What was better, Abilify or Clozapine?

Joker is about to try clozapine

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Abilify is stronger for me.

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I hope I don’t ever get TD.

I take benzotropine for tremors.


What I know about Haldol is it’s an old drug and very powerful. They inject it into criminals when they are out of control in prisons. And they often use it in mental institutions to inject people against their will which is illegal. I am allergic to it and can never take it. My back would spasm so hard I’d break it.

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