Tapping shoulders for beer

It’s what me and my friends called it when we were teenagers. Basically you stand outside a liquor store and ask people walking in there or even people just walking by if they would buy you some beer. You give them the money for it. You don’t literally tap shoulders, you just kind of look at people and if they look at least half-way cool you say, “Hey, could you buy us some beer?” Sometimes you will get a dozen “no’s” before anyone gets it for you which means you might be standing out there for 15 minutes… Other times you get lucky and the first or second person you ask will do it for you.

One thing that was the absolute most irritating thing in this process is when occasionally we would get some diehard, self-righteous crackpot AA member who lectures us on the evils of drinking alcohol and advises us to look at the 12-steps.

Wait a minute, that last part sounds kinda familiar.