Tapering to a lower dose Paliperidone. Impossible!

I am currently on a 9 mg Paliperidone and a bit of Abilify. I want to eventually move to 6 mg Paliperidone… unfortunately for me, that is the highest dose after 9 mg so tapering is very difficult.
Paliperidone comes in only 3 mg dose intervals and I don’t know how besides alternating (9 mg one day and then 6 mg the other) I can reduce my medication.
Let me know through suggestions.

I think that is the only way. I take 12 mg on even days and 9 mg on uneven days.

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Btw how do you maintain your libido besides using Abilify?
Serious question!?

I have some libido left but it is low. I just prefer to not have voices all the time and high dose Invega is the only thing that helps.

@Jonathan2 How old are you? and How long have you been on Invega?
I am 25… recently diagnosed!

I’m 32. Almost 8 years of Invega.

What are your prolactin levels if you know them. Mine is at 44ng/ml.

I have no clue. Got it once measured years ago and they were high. My mental health is my priority.

Have you been in any relationship since being diagnosed?
I am single btw!

There’s a 1.5 dose of Invega.

I’m on 12mg paliperidone. Its difficult for me to play computer games while on 12mg.
I was able to play on 3mg.

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