Tapering off meds

Hi everyone, How are you all… so yeah… Do you guys reckon its normal to be moody when tapering off meds? Or am i just having a ■■■■ week? haha… :slight_smile:

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It’s normal. Can be worse depending on which med tho

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Sometime it could be because of your symptoms coming back

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I do agree with that you can get very moody and easy to annoy when you lower your meds. That’s always happens to me the first month after lowering,

Zombie… @columbus . Do you ever read back…after a couple of months we move on. It’s a fast moving board but you’ve a history of reopening old threads. Just please start a new one or comment on those you can read. I know it’s hard sometimes with concentration and please let us know if you’ve problems…otherwise please stick to the newer threads.