Tapering off Diazepam

I am on 20mg a day at the moment.

I am supposed to drop 2mg a week for 10 weeks.

This seems a bit excessive.

I start my course end of September, and I want my medication to be stable well before this.

As someone who came off clonazepam all I can say is that the slower it happens the greater your chance of success.


I agree with @everhopeful. It took 18 months for me to come off that ■■■■. Maybe even 2 years.

And once you get to a low dose it’s even harder.

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Yea its hard to stop benzodiazepines as they are highly addictive from what I read. @everhopeful is right, smaller steps = more success.

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20mg??? That’s a lot of diazepam! I take 5mg and it helps. In hospital they regularly sedated me with 10mg. I can’t imagine taking double that. It would knock me out completely for a whole day!

It has no effect on me except withdrawal.

I have been on 30mg before for about a year when I was on Haloperidal

They’re hoping Pregabalin will replace the Diazepam

I take 150mg twice a day of that at the moment