Tap into your weirdness

I love this video! Express your weirdness.


I count my steps whenever I leave the home to distract from anxiety.I have agoraphobia.


Sorry to hear that, I hope u make progress!

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I’m starting to count things. I think it helps.

I’m terrible at math but honestly counting things whether steps, rotations or sets really does help me get along!

I wonder how common it really is! I find it soothing and gives me goals!

I have not been dx with ocd, but I count lots of things. Words in sentences, letters in words, etc.it takes over and prevents panic.

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I weirdly enough count the number of ‘ha’s’ in hahahaha for example. Or the number of emojis when a friend texts me

I check my bank account. Then I go through my budget. Then I check my bank account. Then do my budget. Continue throughout the day usually 10x or more.

15 characyters…………

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I love JP too much! It’s nice to hear there are people here who like him too.

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