Talking with voices

So, i talk to them sometimes, it’s not like they ever go away so i kind of have to sometimes.

Over the years i asked them who they were at least thirty times, every time they replied to me “satan”. I even asked them so many times they got frustrated, which i rather enjoyed by the way, and told me to stop asking because what is the point in asking anymore.

So, the other day we were talking again and i asked “if you are satan shouldn’t you be lying to me?” They said that they can’t lie to me because im “one of them”. I of course have no idea what they are talking about at all and asked about “them”, who in the hell is “them?”

They say im one of those people whom they are not allowed to lie about “such things” to. Thats the “them” they are talking about apparently.

So, just now i asked why can’t you lie to “them?” They say that there would be to much hell to pay, i am protected from such lies because i am currently meant for something else, they are forced to stay away from “them” in certain ways they say.

They also said that they would love to lie to me, that they would if they could but they just can’t and won’t.

So, i was thinking that would be a good way to gain trust isn’t it, tell someone you can’t lie to them right, get them to believe it so that you can lie to them. They say though that there is no trick at all, “how could there be a trick with the things we’ve said?” they say.

“Have you ever believed us?” They said. True, no i haven’t. “When we told you your dead grandmother was looking at you through a television did you believe us?” They said. True, no i didn’t. “See, we even tried to lie to you, we tried to lie to you about alot of things and it didn’t happen, so there you go.” They said.

“And yes, the guy you are calling “pan” was real when you saw him, it wasn’t a hologram or some secret technology, it was other technology though, our technology, it’s all just technology, even spirits have technology.” They said. “Well, at least he knows that someone was communicating to him, doesn’t really know who or how or why at all, but at least he knows that.” They said, but not to me.

“You are one of them mike.” They said. “We’re cutting your post short now.” They said. “No, seriously, stop writing this down, we’re done with your post.” They said. “We aren’t kidding, get off of the computer, you’ve written enough. Go have a smoke or something, no one cares anyway, like this is going to help you or something, nothing good is even going to come of this writing, if anything it’s just another thing to screw you over some more.” They said.

And wow, this isn’t going to help me at all is it, all alone. Not that i actually believe im one of “them” that they can’t lie to though, just wanted to share our conversation, what do you make of it?

voices are our subconscious manifesting as false perceptions…

They have grabbed me, shocked the living ■■■■ out of me while appearing as a face made of light, i was also burned and it left two physical marks while another face appeared.

I get up seemingly at random and look at the same time on the clock over and over again, it started with 3 and became other times as well, 111, 222, 333, 444, 555, 616, 911, 1111. This happens very much, very very to much, eerily to much even.

Most of the things i’ve seen are accurately portrayed in graham hancock’s “angels, aliens, elves, and ayahuasca” video on youtube, people have been seeing them for centuries upon centuries, from everywhere and everytime.

I’ve seen others as well besides the ones in the video, shadow people for instance, alot of people see them, even the sane see them sometimes.

“Schizophrenia” is not schizophrenia at all.

Furthering the convo:

“If we wanted to trick you then how could this be a trick?” They said. “If we were honest about who we were then how could this be a trick at all?” They said.

I said “I don’t know.” “Can you give me some information to make some money with? I know you do that sometimes.” “No! You aren’t one of ours, we only grant wishes to our people, like when we told you who would win the superbowl twice, we knew you couldn’t make any money off of that, but you are dam tootin that we do indeed allow ours to make money doing it!”

“I think it’s him though, i really think it’s him, the one we’ve been waiting for, the idiot.” They said.

“What does this idiot bring?” I asked. “Not good things for people to say the least, we knew it was getting closer and closer but we didn’t think it would be so soon.” They said.

“It’s really got to be him though, but no we aren’t sure, how could we be, it’s the idiot!” They said.

I wondered if they were lying about this idiot thing, they said “yes we are. we know exactly who he is and when he’ll come.”

“Are you even waiting for an idiot?” I asked. they said “no.”

“How do you think it could be a trick? You simply tell me you can’t lie to me and then lie to me, you tell some true things to set up the illusion and then lie.” I said.

“True. Could be a trick then, guess you’ll have to wait and see won’t you, i know, it’s the hardest part.” They said.

The reason they call them “con” (men?) is because the gain your “confidence” so then you will give them what they want.
It’s harder the con someone with confidence, so they prey on those without confidence in themselves.
Beware of flattery from strangers, and feelings of (secret) importance in the self, that the con men exploit to gain from you what you would not normally give someone who asked outright.