Talking with others about schizophrenia/mental illness

Hi, here is a little about my illness that you may want to read up on…

I’ve had schizophrenia now for exactly 5 years now…consisting of two episodes, my first in August 2011 and second in January 2013. In total I’ve been in hospital for just under 6 months, in 2013 I was in hospital until the 2nd of July. Ive also had another life changing experience and potentially almost life threatening disorder called NMS (Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome)…which is a neurological reaction to taking antipsychotics…previously 10-30% of people diagnosed with this condition have not survived.

Even though I survived all this Schizophrenia and NMS, I still succeeded in going to university in September 2014 however this did not continue as my negative symptoms of schizophrenia got too much for me…no motivation, no drive, overtired, lack of energy etc. I withdrew in May 2015 and moved back to my hometown, however it has now been a year and a half since then and I have done nothing with my life, simply because my Illness symptoms are too disabling. I now also have a potential to be diagnosed with DSPD (Delayed Sleep Phase Disorder), in simple terms meaning I do not go to sleep until 5-7am and don’t wake up until 5-7pm, making a normal way of life almost impossible for me to live. However I have not had any positive symptoms (hallucinations/delusions) for well over 3 years now, which I suppose is a good thing!

The reason for this post is that I would love to chat to some new people that have illnesses similar to mines, wether you are close to me or not, it would be great to learn experiences of similar stories that you may have been through. If you have any questions, or want to chat about your illness, feel free to drop a comment below.

I hope to hear from some of you soon!


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Sorry to here about your Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome must be rough. I also have a very strange sleeping scheduled that is constantly changing. Some days I wake up at 4 am and other days I go to sleep at 7 am. My sleep constantly rolls over because of the crazy hours I sleep and how hard it is for me to fall asleep. Just the other day I slept for 24 hours.

I have paranoid schizophrenia that started out with very positive delusions and slowly turned very dark. At first I thought I was the second coming and all musicians considered me their muse, the first band to actually talk to me was the band Muse strange enough.

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hi there,where do i start
first of bare my english i still learnning

Well lets begin,im a 23 old male from Brazil(i know it sucks)

i have been diagnosed whith schizophreniform disorder by a psychiatrist in less than 30 minutes
one whos i was sceptical because he told me to find a religion and to pray for god as an atheist i did not listen to him

well he prescribed me risperidone and some anti depressants wich i refused to take(about a year and a half ago)i was going trough the hardest time of my life definitly it was terrible,i somehow managed to get back to life started surfing again wich i love and recently skateboarding but guess what sudenly
all of the symptons came back again about 4 days ago wich include kinesthetic hallucinations some odd noises and bizzarre images wich only happens when i lay down and try to sleep

im young and always been very “crazy” i smoke pot daily and it was a time that i was doing some sythetic drugs this was past and i dont do it anymore,particularly this started when i took an ecstasy pill

in my teenages(16) a friend invited me to take some pills wich was suposed to be valium,i dont know how that happend somehow he took the wrong one from his uncle turned out that this pill was a f*** haloperidol pill of what i think was 20 mg
very high dosage as incosequent adolescent i took the pill whitout thinking and guess what?

yes!!neuroleptic malignant syndrome i ended up in the hospital with my muscles so thight that i could not even open my mouth it was terrible i stayed just for one night there and came back home very worried about having some sort of side effect,it ended up that did have no long term side effect,and i was back to school and it was normal until i was diagnosed with schizophreniform disorder!

so i have some questions for you if u dont mind answering

1:wich drug caused you to have NMS

2:Do you take any antipsychotic after the incident

3:have you got any side long term effect from NMS

4: does antipsychotics really helps with positive or negative symptoms

as you might know this condition is really scary and life threatning,i never wanted to live so much in my life that is why im so refusive on taking medications because i fear that is going to happen again and maybe if it does i might not survive

thanks for your post!
anxious waiting for your reply
best wishes buddy!

Maybe you got NMS because you took an abnormally high dose. I take Haloperidol, but I only take 4 mg a day. You took a lot more.

If you have Schizophrenia you will probably need to take medication of some kind.


as i said im really doubtful about this diagnosis
my symptons tend to happen when i lay down and close my eyes other than that when im awake my head can function i would not say 100% but close sometimes i fell really anxious like im going to lose contact with reality this also happens when i try to sleep and wake up alien like but the strangest thing is ive never had dellussions or desorganized speech when im awake i experience some kind of image trailing and some odd dots in my vision but never heard voices or anything like that

anyways im going to seek help from professionals just to know whats is happening and yes i will probablly have to take some sort of medication
hope i can live my life as i always wanted to

thanks for the reply
if u want to chat let me know
i need to talk to someone!

Hi, well from what you tell me about your symptoms I would say you don’t have schizophrenia, not on the level that I had anyway. Seeing images while falling asleep and waking up is very common there is a name for it but I forget it…to be diagnosed with schizophrenia you need to have at least 2 symptoms of disorganised thoughts (cognitive), positive symptoms and negative symptoms I think, and you have to be displaying these for at least 6 months. In your case it was most likely to be drug induced mild psychosis which isn’t permanent and goes away once he drug is out your system. In my case my schizophrneia is genetic…I also had disorganised thoughts along with hallucinations (voices) and very bizarre delusions…I exprienced these for 6 months while in hospital. I do not know the drug that cause my NMS. I’ve been taking amisulpride now for almost 4 years…before that I was on respiridone for 2 years. Antipsychotics definitely help with positive symptoms but not always negative symptoms, my negative symptoms still persist even after 4 years.