Talking to my voices

Voices :You need to solve the problem :confused:
Me: i need ?
Voices: yes you need or else.
Me: What does that mean “or else” ?

My super inner voice : Yes you need to solve the problem, trust me.

  • Keep your sense of humour
  • Solve the problem
  • Who am I?

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What is the problem? Is “who am i” the problem?

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Humour is the best attitude

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“who am i”
According to your avatar you are who you are and that’s all that you are.
as in “I yam what I am and that’s all that I yam, I’m Popeye the sailor man” toot toot


I better get some spinach.:expressionless:

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Gosh, it reminds my of my intrusive thoughts, when i have an attack i quarell with them loudly and i also got a “super inner voice” so sometimes its me quarrel with the thoughts coming from the outside and then the “super inner voice” that try to settle the discussion. It can be quite painful

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