Talking on the phone makes me very uncomfortable

I can’t see your face, make eye-contact…it’s awkward and I don’t like it.

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I used to feel that way too. I like the phone better than text now tho

i rarely use the phone…maybe 5 times a year :phone:
take care :alien:

whats a phone? i communicate telepathically


Same here. Especially when I draw a blank.

If you have met them it’s better than texting because you get voice fluctuations and tone you can hear it in their voice. Texting is somewhat hit or miss. But if you refer to being in face to face contact it is better than phone your right. Each has its nuances.

I dont mind using the phone, it depends on my mood really.

Sometimes I dont want to be bothered

I find the phone easier than F2F conversation as I don’t get distracted by body language (hate it when I can tell someone is lying to me and I have to behave and not point it out). I’m a big fan of text communication. Just wish everyone would use email. :smile:


I hate the phone. I hate there not being a record I can look back at when accused of saying out not saying something. Are they recording my voice? Will they manipulate it to use later for some nefarious purpose? It freaks me out and I don’t trust people that refuses to use some other form of communication. If I’m having even mild paranoia, phones are out. I use Google hangouts for 90% of my communication.

The phone is a little slice of heaven for the same reason you don’t like it. Schizophrenics have diminshed facial expressions and trouble making eye contact. The phone allows to me to aviod those pits falls that plague me while still getting to converse without those flaws being noticable.