Talking can heal - it can also make one sick

Sometimes I just needed reassuring.


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Talking does heal. Ive been phoning up Duty Nursing Team lately to have a moan about
my finances and how im struggling emotionally. If you have a support worker - give them a
ring and have a bloody good moan - Its good for the head mate.

You sound like you need to get a few things off your chest. :heart:

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It’s not about confessing as much as it is a need to talk about the nightmares I’ve had - like remembering the academic pressures of college and the negativity of the coeds there. I also lacked confidence which didn’t help any.

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Try and look forward? Talk to your support network about your nightmares? I lack confidence as well - if your anything like me, its usually down to ruminating too much about the past and your anxiety playing up. You not got a mate you could phone up and come round for a coffee? I think you need something to occupy your mind mate x

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