Talking about mental health is fine but isn't it time we discussed mental illness?

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When people talk about mental illness they like to talk about depression, anxiety, addiction, and maybe a bit about bipolar. No one wants to talk about psychotic disorders, especially SZ. We’re the mental illness equivalent of homeless people - we can be right there and people will deliberately ignore us or not see us.


Step by step.

Eventually people must get bored of listening to people complaining about their mental health and maybe they’ll move on to mental illness and eventually psychosis.

thanks everhopeful.

i wish to see the day when we can talk openly about it.

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Agree with @shutterbug.

My colleague (who worked with MI people) told me: “for people with schizophrenia, you can’t have any goals at all”. I replied in a polite tone: “that is interesting, I had that diagnosis as well.” Sitting there, in business clothes. He shut up.

I had a diagnosis of schizophrenia. Nobody wanted to help me get better. Or protect my kid. They basicly ignored all I said. And gave up on me. Refused me therapy. Physical healthcare. Anything.

Now I have PTSD. I have the exact same psychiatric problem as before. Though I worked on myself in the meanwhile. But people now want to help me with therapy, finding a job, bettering the situation of kid, medical care, et cetera.

I myself changed. But I can’t help but think this little word change, and all change in prejudice coming with it…also changed things…and made people see me again.


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