Talking about me

They are talking about me behind my back. My in-laws to their daughter in law. She sells CBD oil in her store and she is convincing my in-laws to try and get me to take it. I really don’t want to. My pdoc would not want me to take it.

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Kay should be jumping into this issue and helping you if she is aware of what’s going on. The best thing to do is only take or smoke the stuff if a doctor says so and not take it because someone who does not treat schizophrenia recommends it. How would this woman even know how the CBD oil will react with your meds? She doesn’t. And that’s why you get your doctor and Kay to advocate for you to not take it unless your doctor OK’s it first.

These friggin people you live with scare me. With the way they treated you with your bad ankle and trying to get you off meds and a million other things. These things they come up with are serious and dangerous and potentially life threatening or could cause permanent injury. How many more million times do we have to tell you to get out of there immediately? Is it going to take you getting seriously ill or permanently hurt or crippled first to get you to get out of there?

And you can’t even blame it all on your in-laws, both you and Kay are grown adults and you both are responsible for not getting out of there months ago or a year ago. Yet you stay there and willingly let these guys treat you like dirt. There is no good excuse why you are not out of there by now, you have had a ridiculously long time to save money and come up with a plan to get out of there.

Don’t take the friggin CBD oil unless your doctor OK’s it. The daughter-in-law may have good intentions but she may inadvertently, seriously worsen your mental state. When you have people giving medical advice without knowing all the facts about schizophrenia it could be disastrous. You guys have had more than enough time to get out of there. Good luck @cbbrown


Ask your doctor. At least then if you’re told no, that will sort this issue out?

They probably won’t argue with your doctors opinion.

You could even take someone with you to listen - that’s what I do otherwise I don’t remember stuff.

I agree with Nick.

MAybe you like being in this situation
I don’t see why you would not get out out there
Its becoming clear you are OK with them treating you like that

Kay agreed with me. Im not trying anything that could harm me. Oh my doctor said about it …dont do it. She did say though it’s okay for me to drink more coffee if u remember the tired thread I started a few weeks ago. Just no more than three and none after 2:30pm.

I know I complain a lot but I just need to vent. Sorry

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“The squeaky wheel gets the grease”.
Old AA saying, “A problem shared is a problem halved.” So vent away.


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