Talked to my dr today

He said I need more tests and procedures done on my bladder and in a year, if my bladder still can’t contract on its own and I’m still having to catheterize myself in order to pee, he recommends a bladder pacemaker. We’ll see about that when the time comes.

Now I just need the referral to see the general surgeon for my abdominal exploratory surgery and I’ll be all set.


My husband is worried about me getting the bladder pacemaker because it’s an implant and he’s concerned about it. He has a pain pump implant and it’s done damage to his already injured back that broke in 4 places all the way up to his neck. Anyway, I have time to think about it. But I really think I want it done.

I hope you can get the surgery you want.

I actually have never had surgery. I’m scared of it. My grandma had the experience that she woke up during surgery but the doctors didn’t believe her afterwards. They claimed it was impossible.

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Best of luck @ZmaGal

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I’ve had many surgeries. I would have died very young without them. If you need one, they’re usually not too bad. But some surgeries are scary and risky. If you ever need one, just ask lots of questions so you can make an informed decision.

Thanks for the well wishes

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Thanks @dougRN!

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It happens once in every 1000-2000 surgeries. Not that common.

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