Talked to a friend


I have some friends on other forums. Not mental health but frog or bearded dragon ones. Jasper is now almost 7 months old and one friend said if she hasn’t developed nuptial pads or started croaking by now Jasper is most likely female. Another said after 10 months. But until I know for sure Jasper is gonna be considered a her.

I don’t know why I’m sharing this, I just wanna share what makes me happy


Where she lives … tank right how many gallon…!!!


well cool @cbbrown you seem much happier lately? are you or does your work load still stress you out?


she is in a 20 gallon long, she has a massive water bowl now. she had her head poking out from the substrate last night i tried to take a picture but it was too dark in the room.

@jukebox i’m trying to be happier, i’m meditating, walking, listening to my favorite bands and i think it has to do with the increase of lithium. the clinical nurse wants me to get a blood test before i see her. to check and see if my the lithium levels are at a good level for me. i went from 389 to 327 since my clinical nurse took me off haldol and ativan.

my groups are going well too they are basically DBT, and my therapist said we can talk more about the trauma from my childhood when she feels i am stable enough. i’m a little nervous about that.


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