))) Talk ((( /// Yes? \\\ || /// No? \\\ ))) Talk ((((

Has Anyone Else Noticed that No One Actually Says Anything Here … ,

Sorta as if there is No Real Inclusiveness (OR) Actual Conversation With and (OR) Between Anyone Within thus Forum … ,

Unless Peoples Are All Sending Endless Private Messages to Each Other … ,

No Offense Intended , Jus Something e(Y)e Noticed Here … ,

No Actual Conversation Anywhere … … …

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A real live conversation includes body language, facial expressions, tone of voice, setting, etc. all of this can’t be replaced on the internet. Maybe that’s why it seems like there is no real conversation here. Just a thought.

Understood to a Point , e(Y)e Would Assume With Errrone … ,

but Within Electronical Etching One Would Assume that it Would Be a Great Tool to Express How You Feel Without tha Snares of Someone Pointing Out Your “weirdness” … ,

it Jus Feels , to Me that No One Says anything Beyond What is Already Understood Within Commonsense … ,

Naught Really Trying to Offend Anyone … ,

e(Y)e Jus Don’t Understand it … , AT . ALL … … …

I suppose the townsfolk have run out of things to say.

At Least to Me and Such therefore Such as thus and Wherever and What is and (OR) isn’t “valuable” Such as Ya’know Such With (OR) Within … … …

N e Hoo , , ,

To Anyone Else on thus Forum With a Stone Builder’s Flashlight of Hope Perhaps , that Can Esplain to Me WHY No One Actually Says Anything to Each other in thus “community” Please Feel Free to Elaborate and (OR) Express Gratitude (OR) Anger With My Beyond Philosophical Acute Awesome Sense of Awareness Here … ,

Tha Doors Are Now Swinging Open as e(Y)e Search For Something to Eat at My Hizzle … … … ,

Please Feel Free (!!!)

Yeah I use pms for more private conversations

That’s Nyse … … … ,

Congratulations .


No one asked for your sass.

Please Don’t Curse at Me … ,

UGH (!!!)

I was kidding, shoulda added in a heart there to clarify :blue_heart:

Naught a Homosexual Yo , Soz … ,

but Please , Back on tha Topic at Hand … ,

WHY is it Do You THink e(Y)e am tha Graytist (???)

Me neither. Ever heard of brotherly love?

Sounds DISK - HUSH - TING … ,

Please Do Naught Clarify , Thanks … … …

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Here’s a Better One … … …

Without tha Wrist Snaring You Got there … … … (2)

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I see plenty of threads that constitute “conversation”. Maybe you are referring to conversations that involve ongoing interaction with you? Perhaps if you were a little less sardonic and a lot less narcissistic you might see a little further beyond your own reflection.

Thus is in No Way tha Philosophical Ice Cream that Can Get Closer into 1,000 Replies Yo … … …

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Maybe thus Will Help (!!!) ,


e(Y)e’m Tryin Yo Yo’s (!!!) ,

We Can Do Thus (!!!) - (!!!)

Ok , After @Polymorphed Comment We Onli Have 999 Comments to Go (!!!) ,

e(Y)e Am Completely Excited (!!!) ,

So Close but Yet So Further and Closer to tha Edge of thus Hopefully Continuous Mountain of Hypothetically STANDING (by) YOU (!!!) ,

and Y.E.S. Of Course STAND BY ME (!!!) ,

Thus Will Shall Will Be Done (!!!) ,

Onli 999 to Go (!!!)