Taking wrong medicine?


Sometimes instead of taking paroxetine 12.5mg, I cut the wrong strip and almost take paroxetine 25mg instead. I have 2 strips like one strip is 12.5mg and another is 25mg. Today I put 25mg in my mouth instead of 12.5mg, I almost took it and then i realised the colour of the medicine was wrong and spit that pill out of my mouth,

Am I not paying attention or what ? What should i do to take the correct medicine.


Watch/see carefully before you take it


I think i should put 12.5mg strip and 25mg strip in front of me before its time to take the meds. Then I would prolly see the difference and take the correct one.


Why do you have two different strengths around if your only meant to take one?


I have a pill box that I make a week in advance and put all my pills in there at once for the week. It helps me from making mistakes when I am in a hurry.


Because I cannot take all at once, it causes anxiety and restlessness. So i take divided doses, once in am and once in pm