Taking videos and photos as a hobby

I have already taken photos and videos 30 years. I still have these with me. Nowadays cameras are everywhere, computers, phones, tablets and so on, and it is difficult to find easily people who develop old negatives. In addition, I have my father’s old photos since the 1930s. Today anybody can do it, but 100 years ago only rich people afforded this hobby.


Here is a photo of me 11 years ago.



Here is my father 11 years ago.



I was just looking at the price of the new Canon 50 MP camera. I’m not rich enough for that, that’s for sure.


I have a simple Nokia phone I use to take photos and videos, I have also one Samsung phone that was just 11 euros at the flea market.

In the past I had two video cameras but these broke after some years. I got one in the US Virgin Islands in 1993.

And here I am today listening Modern Talking on the net.



I like your dad’s beard.

I have a nice camera on my phone, I should take more photos and videos.

Nice pictures @mjseu.

Digital cameras made every (almost) equal, any one can point a camera nowdays and get lucky with a good picture.

Digital is nice, I’m guilty of snapping way to many pictures, since 2006 I’ve got 181k picture on a 1T portable hard drive, and right now on my Smartphone 13K pictures…yeah, I know, I know.

My favorite camera for taking picture in near dark-at night even, is my Canon S95. Its impressive.

Digital evolves too fast though, my ex bought a Canon XA-A1s in 2009 to made an informational video (put some on YouTube) it was around $5000. at the time, today he is selling it, and can only get about $400.

I am saving up to gift my friend in this category. Parker Paul inspires by using different effects.

Parker Paul uploaded this vimeo video about seagull flightpaths and echo effects.


**Wow!..That`s something!

Took awhile to play (vimeo vs youtube here = vimeo is slower, at least this one plays though it stops every few seconds, some vimeos don’t play at all) but this is very cool. I also noticed this :smile:

There is a shelf holding retired digital cameras in my office. Currently has…

  • Canon 20D
  • Canon 7D
  • Canon 5D Classic
  • Nikon Coolpix 8800
  • Minolta DiMage 7

Aren’t worth enough to try selling used.


Shame really, it all seemed like such a good idea at the time huh.

I like taking a lot of pictures because my memory is poor. I use my iPod Touch for pictures and video. When I was in grade school I was in the mentally gifted program. One class I took I was able to build a camera out of cardboard. We learned how to take pictures with them and develop them in a dark room. It was cool to learn how exactly pictures are captured. :sun_with_face:

I may have missed something, but taking photos and videos is always a good idea. I have many photos of my greatgrandfather and -mother whom I have not ever seen in the real life. They passed away 20 years before I was born.

They can still be used as backup cameras or teaching cameras when I’m running a class, but these days my clients expect files that are 20 MP or better. I run dual Canon EOS 5D MkIII bodies right now for the photography biz, each 23 MP. Looking at upgrading to dual Canon EOS 5Ds bodies next year when my lease on these is up. I will have one of the current 5D MkIII bodies converted to infrared by LifePixel, I’m thinking.

Upgrading camera bodies is a necessary evil for pro photographers. It’s still a LOT cheaper than buying film!


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I just ment that it’s a shame how fast the technology on all those nice cameras have made them so outdated they aren’t worth anything near what it cost to buy them new.

I do agree taking pictures is always good.

Still that old technology can be used. I have at least 20 tapes taken with one old Sony camcorder I purchased in 1993 and this camcorder broke 10 years ago. I should find an inexpensive camcorder to play these tapes and transfer these to my laptop or DVD disks. Some of these old videos are priceless, I often had my camcorder recording when I lived over two years in my auto in America, nice videos of Miami’s night life, then once we, I and my father, were in the farm of my grandmother’s brother in Eastern Finland and we videotaped how they processed their lambs and my grandmother’s brother just laughed and smoked tobacco, he was over 80 years old and has already passed away.

Old technology is still needed for showing pictures/videos of things we love.
I had a lot of video tapes on high 8, and cried when my camcorder broke.
Delighted to find one exactly the same on ebay? (my ex bought it) for only a few dollars. I still have it.

Old technology is only bad when you try to sell it when it obsolete-it has no value.
Although I like digital cameras, I still like the idea of sending off a roll of film, then in a week, a package comes back and you have 24/36 pictures in you hands to look at forever.