Taking these supplements, getting frequent urine daily

Hi so I’m taking multi vitamin b, multi vitamin (minerals etc), vitamin d tablet, metformin and N-Acetyl Cysteine almost daily.

I’m noticing I get more urination than normal during the day. What could be the reason based on info above? Thanks!

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Maybe you drink more water? idk

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What medication you on

It could be that you’re getting an overload of the water soluble vitamins, like B and C, and your body is trying to flush it out

Check your blood glucose levels, they could be high.


I’m taking paliperidone (invega)

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Yes Nova you could be right. I did some more research on google and yep it seems the water soluble Vitamin B and C could be causing more urination. I’ll be cutting back on both and check.

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Give up supplements. Problem solved. Maybe their is a supplement epidemic.