Taking the rest of my semester off due to schizophrenia

I am currently a student learning to be a nursing assistant. In this semester I am doing class work on Monday and Tuesday and on Wednesday to Friday I do on the job training. I’ve already done one rotation at a senior home and was about to do another tomorrow. The problem is I’ve been so stressed out that I am starting to see hallucinations and I hear voices a lot more often now. So I made a deal with my teachers that I will do the class work but next year I will do my clinical without the added class work. So I went to the doctor and got a note from my family doctor, I have yet to even see my psychiatrist after almost a year of trying to get in. Today though I managed to get an appointment finally. I decided I’m taking the extra time off school to try and focus on getting control of my symptoms. If I can’t, I can’t come back to school to do what I want to do.

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Good luck @dannyboy6657. You are right that the most important at the moment is to look after your health. Wishing you getting better soon!

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Thanks, I just want to hopefully get a hold of it.

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Are you taking your meds?

Is there a relation to students in the heath field having a very high rate of breaking down because of the 'want to learn ‘bout us’, the stress of studying, or both?

If you can finish, yay, but, if you cannot, adapt, then try something else.
It’s nice to have as many folks in the health care field as possible, and those who are compassionate and can care for others are a special breed…hope you can finish your school.
Good luck.

Yes I have been I miss a dose sometimes but I always take it the next time I have too.

I find I’m having a hard time finding time to study and it’s a heavy course load so I am very anxious. So I decided to break down my course for my own health.

It’s smart to know your limits.
It’s even smarter to actually do something about it.
Nothing wrong with taking care of yourself first, because how can you care for others, if you can’t even take care of yourself, right?

You sound like you have what it takes to make a great worker in the health field, and I hope you can do what you need to be what you want.