Taking some classes starting in January

I have been wanting to get my master’s degree in speech-language pathology for a long time. I have applied to the master’s program near me before, but I didn’t get in because my grades weren’t good enough (I was raising two kids, taking care of my mom, working three jobs, and going to school full time). I only had a 3.09, and they wanted at least a 3.25

So I have started the process of applying to the undergrad program. I met with the admissions officer today, and she loved me, so she referred me to the chair of the department. She said if she liked my story, she might wave the grade requirement. The chair of the program listened to my story, and offered to let me take non-matriculated classes in the spring to build up my GPA. She thinks this will be a good way to show everyone what I’m truly capable of without investing too much time and money. Then, in the fall, I can reapply to the grad program and undergrad program, and see which one accepts me!


All the best @Ninjastar!
Following our dreams is always a good thing :slight_smile:

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Nice good luck my friend…

Way to go ninja!

I have learned recently that I can talk my way into pretty much anything. I’m very persuasive.