Taking serotonin transporter antagonist along with antipsychotic that antagonizes serotonin

From your own experience is taking a SSRI serotonin transporter antagonist like cipralex together with an antipsychotics like invega helpful in improving behaviour and cognition?

Should cipralex be stopped?

I didnt like the way escitalopram is interacting with invega on the long term thats why I will stop cipralex starting tomorrow. any suggestions or advice or mental reasoning you can give?

Cipralex was a life saver for me on invega. It calmed me with my delusions as cioralex enhances some Invega properties. Within of days taking cipralex my family noticed that i am more social and not so withdrawn

I will try not taking cipralex for a week then reporting to a healthcare professional what I felt maybe I can study without it or maybe I cant what do you think guys? well atleast we gotta try else we dont know