Taking Seroquel Three Times a Day Instead of Once

I took 400mg of seroquel (quetiapine) for six months every night. In the end it was causing me agitation, anxiety and almost akathisia for an hour each night after I took it.

I now am taking it three times a day in smaller doses every 8 hours. 150mg at 7am, 150mg at 3pm and 100mg at 11pm. It is much more tolerable this way. I don’t really get any sedation from it. The psychiatrist knows this is how I take it and they are the ones who told me it can be taken 2 or 3 times a day. Seroquel is short acting so it makes sense to dose it multiple times a day.

To get the 150mg doses I have to split a 300mg tablet in half with a pill cutter. I also have 100mg tablets. I have set an alarm on my phone to automatically go off at each of the times of the day I need to take the Quetiapine.

Also I took brand name Seroquel for 6 months. I am now taking generic Quetiapine. The one I have is called APO-Quetiapine which is made by Apotex. I prefer the generic to the brand name.

I prefer a shot right up the arse.

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