Taking my medication during the day makes me drowsy

Taking my medications during the day leave me feeling very drowsy during the day and I find aI can’t get anything done.

I am on Remron 45 mg, Effexor 375mg and Latuda 111mg. I have recently started taking them at night and this helps me to sleep along with Zopiclone. Find I have more energy during the day now.

Does anyone else have drowsiness issues during the day from their medication?


I’ve been on medication for more than 40 years and since about 35 years ago I have taken all my medication at night for that very reason.

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I’m fairly well adjusted on my med’s right now. I think that most psychiatrists are willing to work with you if you have a history of being med compliant. You don’t want to get all drowsy when you are driving a car, after all, for your own sake as well as for the sake of the people driving on the same highway as you.

I get drowsy on my meds (Invega and Clozapine). Hence the coffee like I said in the other thread.

I used to take medications at night, but since switching to Vraylar, I take it in the morning, as its supposed to be activating.

Maybe its the Vraylar keeping you up at night, I know you said you take it in the morning. I took Latuda in the morning and I couldn’t sleep for ■■■■, because that was activating for me.