Taking meds discreetly

So this guy doesn’t know about the whole schizophrenia thing. I take six pills a day, two of them with food. Any suggestions? Should I just go the bathroom to take my meds? I asked my parents and they said to say they are for something else, like say I have high blood pressure or something (which I do) or to go to the bathroom to take them. Also my pills clink in my pillbox which I have to carry in my pocket everywhere I go at all times. Like this is gonna be difficult.

I could just tell him but I would rather wait longer.

Any suggestions, especially from people who dated on medication would be appreciated. All of the other people I have gotten this close to knew about my schizophrenia, hell its how I met the person I lost my virginity to.

Just tell anyone curious that they’re supplements. As a bodybuilder you probably take supplements anyway and it is certainly a believable story.


OOhhh thats a good one. That should work.

I don’t keep my meds in the pharmacy bottles. I keep them in a pill caddy with my supplements. I just tell people they are supplements, which, to me they are.



… Cotton balls in the pill case.


I think you are smart to wait to tell him about your schizophrenia. One school of thought would be if you told him up front then you would find out quickly if he accepts you, warts and all. And you would have nothing to hide. But the other school of thought is that schizophrenia has too big a stigma and some people are scared immediately or turned off and you would lose this person without him even getting to know you. Like I said before, if you wait, it might be better to be known as the cool date with schizophrenia rather than the “schizophrenic date”. Maybe you can stuff some cotton in your pillbox so the pills don’t rattle. I think the bathroom would be the best p[lace to take your meds. It would be very discreet.

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I think Malvok nailed it.

I told my girlfriend straight up about my Sz before we ever got this far, so she knows what that little pill caddy is for. It’s no big deal… she doesn’t watch me as I take them…

I don’t have to hide in the bathroom or try and explain anything.

Good luck and hope it gets easier for you.


I think that’s the way to go. Get it out of the way now before things get too serious.

Bringing it up casually like it’s not a big deal, even though we all know it really is a big deal, will help to reduce fear and anxiety about the illness.

It’s always better being straightforward than having to tell half-truths or sneaking around. That crap is draining.

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That was my policy with people I am close to. Business clients don’t need to know what I’m taking, thus the pill caddy rather than pharmacy labeled bottles. Sometimes things work out that you have to take meds on the job.


@surprisedj what and how did you had the confidence that she would accept your condition,i asked because i am listening to my parent not revealing to anyone besides my family about my illness,but i feel it would be very good if someone accept me as a partner or good friends even if they know about my condition…but i havent found one currently,except my support group mates,which i seldom meet them

I pulled out a big bottle of all of mine combined on a plane once. The flight attendant saw me.

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As far as telling others… you have to follow your inner bell. In some cases it’s very good to keep quiet. I agree with Pixel, not everyone has to know… or is it any of their business.

As far as my girlfriend… I was actually hoping she would NOT accept my condition. I WAS trying to scare her away so I would be able to move into the bigger apartment next door. So I told her I was SZ in hopes that she would be scared and not move in.

But then she said she had a beloved Uncle who suffered Sz and she wasn’t scared of me. As it turns out… she’s not afraid of me at all.

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