Taking medications with food

So my doctor told me that medications like Geodon, most atypicals should be taken not only with food but with a substantial amount of fat. So I ditched the whey protein, milk and cereal for eggs and toast with butter, and I feel like I have that little edge of recovery back that I had most of the school year. I used to feel 99% symptom free, after finals I said 90%, but today, after taking my meds with butter and eggs, I feel that little bit of paranoia and delusional thinking has gone away.

I was having some delusions off and on for the last couple of months, some parts of the day they actually got to me, which is why I said I had a 9% increase in symptoms, but now I just recognize them as delusions the moment they cross my mind and then they go on their merry way out of my head.

So yeah, if your meds say take with food, take with at least 400 calories and make sure there is fat in your meal. Eggs and butter on toast is plenty, for example.


**Glad this has helped you and that sounds good for breakfast-My son has that in the morning. **

I usually don’t eat until after I take my medications and it doesn’t really matter what I eat. If I don’t eat something I start feeling side affects right away. If I eat a little snack after I feel fine plus I sometimes I get this yucky powdery taste in my mouth from my pills that don’t swallow just right and I think the snacking right after helps get rid of that taste.

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Some drugs are like that but others cannot be taken with orange juice or other acidic stuff…best to know all the info about whatever you take. I’ve had too many side effects surprises so always should google whatever RX you take & ask the pharmacist before you take any supplements/vitamins except 1 standard multi-vitamin pill.

I did notice with the ambien or trazadone, it takes a LONG time to get to sleep if you take the stuff right after a meal. Better to keep it to snack of 200 calories to get sleep results fast enough.

I take my morning pill with breakfast (cereal and bread), and my night pill after supper with coffee or hot chocolate. Been no problems with anything, just a very bitter pill so I need food and drink to take the taste out of my mouth.

Well it depends on the med. Some meds dont have the whole food thing, just some of the newer ones

I do know that out of the atypicals - Geodon, Latuda and yes even Abilify should be taken with food. Abilify needs to be taken with food or it may cause nausea on an empty stomach, Latuda and Geodon works better with food

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