Taking me over

I feel restless again. Alien the evil spirit is trying to use me as a vassal vessel and I don’t want him to succeed. I feel a slight urge to harm myself to bleed him out but it didn’t work the last time, he’s been with me for years so how do I think I’d get rid of him? My husband had to calm me down and say he will beat Alien up and that he’s here for me. Sweet man I love him so much and I don’t want anything bad to happen, Alien mustn’t use me or hurt my husband. Rather hurt me.

I have a weird cruel streak - in my childhood I abused my one goldfish and I killed a mouse my cat caught. Both gave me pleasure to hurt. When I saw squirrels at my previous house in 2019, I had strong urge to kill it. Small furry things. Not cats or birds I love them, and dogs too. Just small things. I don’t know why I’m so heartless!

You see? Alien is trying to take me over… I’m so helpless…I’m so glad I’m seeing my pdoc in two days!!

Glad I have Seroquel to take! It’s starting to calm me, sweet pill, kind pill :blush::blush: love it. Sleeeep…it’s 23:33 here now.

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The urge to hurt small fuzzy creatures is “cute aggression.” Don’t worry about it.

Even animals have that. Cats sometimes bite their kittens when they’re overwhelmed with feeling even.

Weren’t you on amisulpride?

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