Taking it easy with my schizophrenia

I have to take care of myself with my diagnosis. I go to AA and have a busy life. I must take my medication and play it low key so I don’t attract attention to myself. I don’t act crazy and if I am sober I do pretty well.

my schizophrenia is a mild case but I have a tendency to be grandiose so I need to take a look at that

thats good…i used to be an alcoholic but i didnt go to AA i just tapered off and i have always been disciplined

Before i was diagnosed i was addicted to pain pills in middle school and high school. I took the pills to deal with my depression and anxiety. Anyway, i stopped after my second suicide attempt. I have to remember to take it easy on myself about this illness. I start to feel bad about being ill and not having a normal life.

Yeah. I have taken pain pills. mostlVicoden for dental pain. I have abused drugs to ease the pain of the street my whole life. I have been a druggie a number of years prior to my diagnosis (schizophrenia) ; (my new diagnosis is schizoaffective which just goes to prove that mentally not normal is a continuum). I never had a suicide attempt. Please tell me about your suicide attempts or if that is too personal then just let me know somthing else interesting.The mental health literature I read specifically said that people having mental illness self-medicate so I know what you mean when you write you "took the pills to deal with your depression and anxiety (your symptoms). Lets keep up the healing friend…

You said you used to be an alcoholic. Do you know if there is a difference between a heavy drinker and a real alcoholic? I am just asking a question sincerely. I am not sure myself…

I was definitely an alcoholic. I had withdrawal symptoms until I took gulp from a bottle of fireball whiskey. I remember my hands werent steady until I had alcohol in me and I would get extremely anxious and panic if I didnt have at least several drinks at the end of the day. There really isnt that much of a difference- there is alcohol dependence and then heavy drinkers who arent dependent, but I was dependent. My uncle wasn’t dependent but he drank as much as I did before he got clean (nearly a decade ago now). He would binge drink and do drugs at the same time only on the weekends, I drank every single night and hardly slept at all if I didn’t. My alcoholism was short-lived, only six months of actual alcoholism, his was much much longer.

But to be more concise, yes there is a difference but it’s not that significant. Heavy drinkers are psychologically dependent, alcoholics are physiologically and psychologically dependent. Either one can ruin one’s life. “Alcoholic” used in a strict textbook context means someone who is dependent on alcohol, but it is more commonly used by people to describe a person who has a problem with alcohol. Again, either one is not good and needs to quit, so I dont really pick bones about who is a real alcoholic and who just enjoys drinking heavily.

I’ve pretty much cut out alcohol completely. I only drink two or three beers on occasion and not to get wasted. I don’t even like alcohol. I also don’t take anti-depressants like SSRI’s because I don’t trust them. I have Bipolar so if I don’t keep tabs on what I’m doing it causes more personal suffering than anything else. My main struggle right now is that I feel nihilistic and I want to be happy but Abilify doesn’t fix my depression. It makes me restless but it helps me sort things out.

I started taking Abilify in the morning because I don’t like it messing with my sleep. Like I am drinking tons of coffee because the depression or bad moods are getting to me. I’m avoiding all drugs, including weed even though it’s on the verge of legalization. If cannibinoids make me paranoid IDK how that helps. But some people say it works, still I don’t trust the idea.

I’m just frustrated because I’ve been taking my medication as prescribed and I feel like people think I don’t. It is bothersome. It’s none of their business and I AM med compliant. Just because I have eccentric ideas doesn’t mean I’m a tweaker.

Why don’t you trust antidepressants or SSRI’s? I don’t know which they are.