Taking expired clozapine. Is this dangerous?

Is it safe to take expired clozapine? If so why? What would it do?

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I guess it depends on why you’d want to take it. Usually though, substances weaken over time.

Would it make you sick?

Are you supposed to be taking it?

Yes I am supposed to be taking it

My guess is that ,if anything, It may now not be as potent as it once was, or that you need it to be.

I suppose it could get less potent or not work exactly as it should.

I have taken expired zyprexa, one occasion. Don’t know if there was any difference.

Call your pharmacy or doctor. They will usually give you guidance based on the expiration date. If you live in the US you can also call poison control at 1-800-222-1222. They tend to give really good advice.

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