Taking decisions, and ACTS OF WILL!

Hi, I’m new to the forum but have been on meds for 4 years now.
My question is, have you taken decisions on antipsychotics that when you come off them they don’t BELONG to you anymore?

With antipsychotics I started veterinary medicine which was my childhood dream. When i decrease the dose I start being interested in everything again, history and arts, and girls, since risperidone kills my libido.

What would you do? Following my childhood dream means staying on antipsychotics for life and being sedated all the time…or maybe I should ‘explore the world again’ and change jobs once in a while, try different things,that’s a ‘career’ choice too.

Same with girls, i’m interested in opposite kind of people when i’m on and off, or swtich from my mothers to my fathers side depending if i’m taking or not taking the meds,

Wanted to know if anyone had that problem of ‘double personality’.

xxx Marco

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If you are psychotic and the antipsychotics are working you have no choice.

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