Taking Abilify 45 mgs

I took another gamble.

I was taking 30 mgs Abilify in the morning. I increased it to 45 by taking 15 mgs at night. I did this because I remember the doctor said that I metabolize medication ultra-fast and Abilify probably doesn’t last in my body.

Now should I switch the Ziprasidone (I am taking 160 mgs) with Amisulpride?

High prolactin worries me.

Are you doing this yourself? Is a doctor advising you what to do?

I did this myself. I asked a doctor after that, and he said it was the correct move.

I am seeing a doctor on Saturday and considering Amisulpride instead of Ziprasidone.

That’s cool. You have to be careful going over the recommended limit

They found with me after an ECG that my QTC Interval on my heart was high and I have to go on Clozapine now instead of high dose AP

Just make sure they’re checking you over physically, as I know here at least they have let it slip since Covid-19

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