Taking abilify 30mg and still no effect


I had intrusive thoughts about swearing words coming to mind and I think people can read my mind which crates more anxiety in me…my doc diagnosed me with OCD and paranoid schizophrenia…last 9 months,I am on fluvoxamine 300mg, olanzapine 10mg and abilify 30mg…but I still get anxiety attacks.
I am doubtful now whether these medication is actually elevating my anxiety…I am on almost high dosage of fluvoxamine and abilify…

What you guys think?? Anyone have similar situation?

Sometimes abilify can contribute towards anxiety. Have you heard of gabapentin or pregabalin for anxiety?

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No…My doc didn’t prescribed me…

I am wondering I am taking such high dosage and still it dint remove it completely…it definitely improved but after one stage I feel like I am at halt at recovery…some days I feel much better ,energetic but some days if I get anxiety attack,my whole day goes like that…

did your doctor recommend you take it? for intrusive thoughts?

I take 40mg celexa for anxiety and have 10mg propranolol as needed. They seem to help me. I still can get anxiety attacks on occasion. I don’t think these will go away. I just have to make sure I do everything to deescalate from an intense situation. I am still getting better after being on these meds for 9 months. Not sure if it is my change in strategy or the pills.

I am also on 10mg abilify. When I first went up to that level, I totally lost control of my emotions and went on an emotion roller coaster for a couple of weeks till I got my celexa increased. Then things stabilized. But this is just my experience. I think everyone is different.

Abilify helped me in many ways but increased my anxiety. I was just using clonazepam but now the Dr prescribed Zoloft. We’ll see how that does. I’m only on 20 mg abilify.

I have to take 40 mg abilify a day to make the hallucinations go away. I almost always feel anxious, but I think that is just my personality.

Yes. For intrusive thoughts he prescribed fluvoxamine 300 mg a day…
Abilify and olanzepine is for my belief that people can read my mind…as those are psychotic symptoms…

Try Latuda/Lurasidone, with Zoloft/Sertraline, and perhaps Trileptal/Oxcarbazepine. I am on the first two and might be on the third very soon. The Latuda has negligible antihistamine effects (Non drowsy), and significantly less weight gain than Abilify. I am S.A.D. (Bipolar subtype) and O.C.D. and this cocktail of medication works well. I am just a bit manic constantly and aggressive. Slightly impatient and very vocal and blunt. Let me know if you have any questions! P.S. Olanzapine sucks in my opinion, too many side effects.

I kind of liked abilify but it really didnt do much. I was happy on it. I think anxiety is going to happen on any meds youre on. I had anxiety attacks early on in my illness. They went away after a while. Sorry if im not much help.

I am taking 30mg of abilify since last 13 years. I don’t remember anxiety side effect with it. Any way if you get anxiety a short course(one week) of Clonazepam 0.25 will be useful to control it.

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Bade bhai aap to mega dose lateho abilify ka…are ur symptoms become less on medication…

Maybe you need a ssri or a snri for anxiety. Propranonol is good for anxiety too

Yes definitely, but with doctor’s prescription. Don’t try it on your own. Let doctor decide what dose is right for you.

I was on a high dose of abilify and it didn’t really work. I’m not sure if I even liked it.

I’m on 10mg cut to 5mg a piece one for the dayandone for night. It needs a raise though. Sorry its not working for you.

High doses of antipsychotics combined did not alleviate my psychosis; only Clozaril did—maybe that’s an option for you?
Before Clozaril, pdocs were maxing out two antipsychotics at a time (like Trilafon and Latuda) and I was not getting better.