Taking a partial agonist with an antagonist, which one takes over, polypharmacy pharmacodynamics

I take Abilify in the morning and Seroquel at night. Abilify is a partial agonist meaning it normalizes dopamine neurotransmission while Seroquel is an antagonist which means it blocks it. So what is happening to my dopamine, does the abilify simply not work because Seroquel blocks the dopamine. Or does abilify normalize the dopamine and Seroquel doesn’t work?

I would think Abilify is partial blocking and serequel is blocking dopamine so really its just blocking and adding that half a block on top

Both meds will be working depending on the doses you take

I was put on an SNRI, partial agonist, and off label anti-histamine. the snri was added recently. seroquel shouldn’t make it worse but can lower seizure threshold. I was told that the least amount of anti-psychotics or medicine in general the better. I was on abilify on its own for 9 years about. I took seroquel but had a seizure on 600mgs so i was taken off it. abilify wasn’t the best over all. I thought it was helping but i think it was inducing and then reducing symptoms.

Both meds will be doing its job.

I’ve sometimes wondered if it isn’t self defeating to prescribe antidepressants with antipsychotics. I was on every antidepressant in the world when I was on Haldol. It seemed to me like the drugs worked against each other.