Taking a chance

So i put an ad for myself on craigslist (I am desperate) and I specified that I was looking for girls with mental illness. A bipolar fish took the bait! This should be interesting…


Good for you for putting yourself out there like that! It takes courage.

Best of luck to you!



just remember rejection isn’t death if it doesn’t work out just be like next…please .

Forgive for saying this, but, advertising for a mental illness seems…odd.
It’s as if that’s the first thing your looking for, rather than a lady with a mental illness…and if you ask for it, you won’t be disappointed.
Doesn’t it narrow your search to much and limit the potential women that don’t strive to make mental illness a priority?
Maybe because I view myself as a person who is just a bit “left of center” and try as much as I’m able to to be high functioning, and not stand out as MI.
I’m really hoping someone very special comes your way, but consider “left of normies” as well.
It’s all in how you view yourself.

I think it’s a great goal to meet someone. But honestly i wouldn’t do it on craigslist. it’s cheap but i doubt that many women are looking for mr. right on craigslist!! that’s just my thought. I know you want to meet someone i can understand that. Maybe starting a mental health club at your college would be a better idea?? Probably not a lot of schizophrenics at your school granted but i bet there are some bipolar women or something. just try to make friends with girls at school and see how you do. Not all girls drink and party at least i didn’t but i guess i wasn’t exactly normal!! Good luck. :slight_smile:

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yeah craigslist was a last resort, I tried a dating site for people with mental illness but there was no one in my city. The mental health club sounds like a good idea, I go to a a medium sized university so theres gotta be some eligible people there

I think it is a good idea. You are going into psychology so you could do it as a support group or whatever. as long as you are okay with telling people about your illness i think it would at least get you some more friends. :slight_smile:

instead of bait just use a big net less painful more opportunity !
take care

MAYBE, you could have worded it different.Maybe your ad could have read, " Single guy recovering from mental illness successfully. Looking for single girl to date and get to know. Girl’s who are also recovering successfully from the same preferred. But I’m open to meeting most interesting, tolerant, women who would like to get together over coffee".
Might have attracted more women and it is saying the same.

But, yeah, good for you for taking a chance. The bold ones get the girls.

I cancelled it. She’s not in school or employed and I am on medication and high functioning in my second year of college. It just didn’t feel right, maybe I should just date normal girls from classes like last semester. The one who took an interest in me seemed like she was a good catch, but she likes to party and I just cant stay up late drinking, alcohol doesnt mix with my meds and I need to sleep well and take my meds on time. She asked me on a date when I last partied and I said “september” and I never heard back from her after that. I got some good experience, we went on three dates which all were enjoyable, and I kissed her twice, so it was a good start.

I think I will attend NAMI meetings if I really want to meet a mentally ill girl. People at NAMI meetings are doing well for themselves just by having insight and the courage to face their illness. This girl from craigslist is unmedicated and not functioning, I feel bad but thats below my league.