Taking a chance, not really Religion, but....ah, yeah (today's prose)

The Heavens

The seal of approval is the sun pressed through paper clouds the other side of them you can’t read

you can’t win you can’t open the gift of a red scarf until dusk but maybe it’s guaranteed you’ll get into

heaven imagine so official so legal and so true nothing hidden as a blue vein you write and write but no

document comes of it filed in a slot in your mind you’ve tried to organize or prioritize or memorize

every time the heavens are there you say it’s in stone a head marker a wall a statue kept here as a cold

body would and heaven is polished as anything presented then that seal on any paper is the seal of the

Holy Spirit in balm oil and ash not coming off for the life of you

by Daze

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hi daze, your poem sounds very good, i think i’ll need to read it a lot to completely understand it, i read it but i feel like i havent scratched the surface, keep writing :slight_smile:

hey…I’m glad you responded,

I wanted to ask,

did you take that job, as caregiver?

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yes, i do a Monday morning on the phones calling carers and making sure everything is ok with them :slight_smile: they are usually very grateful for the call and if there is any issues i write it up in their support record or put it on an action sheet,

i never went for the care coordinator job though bc i didnt think i had enough experience but its ok, the new women looks really nice.

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yeah, that sounds good.

Hope it’s working out. You learn a lot too I bet.

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