Taking 10MG of Risperidone, need feedback on reasons why priscribed

Hello everyone! I am new but have lerked for a while now. Thank you so very much for all the inspiration and kind words you offer each other, its refreshing and helpful. I have severe migraines and have had all my life I take Nortitripiline, Over the last 2 years my shaking has gotten worse where I could not hide it any longer. Migraines trigger anxiety which triggers my BP to regularly go over 200 on top and 120 on bottom. I have been hospitalized several times due to it and tested for strokes. I have had minor ones due to it. My Neuro did a brain scan and did not find any tumors but during the test the loud noise immediatly set of an involentary jerking of my chin to my shoulder. ( Non epileptic seizure) I could no longer hide it. I have seen a movement specialist. She sent me to see a psychiatrist. I have had panic attacks all of my life, since early early childhood. But they have gotten really bad and frequent. I literally think I am having a heart attack or drowning and cant rise to the surface or got hit… I am frightened out of my mind so bad I cant breathe or scream. So the psychiatrist put me on Alprazolam 4 1 mg a day, Lamotrigine 50 mg a day and then he added Risperidone .05 2 times a day. He said I have severe anxiety and severe panic attacks. He said that the reason I cant go to sleep or shut my brain off is because I am bi polar. I do not have mood swings or aggression or anger or depressed thoughts. He said it is that my nerves are so stimulated I cant relax and that causes the anxiety. i cant go out that I am not super dizzy. I have very few places I feel I can go. If there is any noise or crowd of 5 or more I start to stutter and drag my words then I start to pull at my hair then to jerk ( non epileptic seizures). He has said nothing about being Schizophrenic so my question is why these meds? And from what I have been reading they are high doses. I dont hear voices, or think anyone is after me, I am at my best when the house is totally quiet, and no movement and I can sit with the blinds pulled and just be still. I want to educate myself so that I can help myself and be the mom my child deserves. i dont want to feel like I am going to die from the panic attack or because my BP is so high I am going to have a stroke and die leaving my child. Please point me in the right direction so I can better understand this, and work towards a better life.


It is very common for psychiatrists to prescribe these medications for bipolar as well as schizophrenia, and even for depression. These medications have been tested in all these conditions and been generally found to be helpful - but of course they don’t help everyone by any stretch of the imagination and they may have side effects.

Anyway - thats probably why you were prescribed these medications.

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Respiridone is prescribed for a number of things even autism. One of the things that helped me with anxiety was listening to peaceful instrumental music. It is not what I normally choose to listen to but I can feel a change in my brain when I do. Rent some cd’s from the library and see what makes your brain feel good and load it onto an ipod. I was having really bad attacks for awhile there and it felt like I was dying. The room would get dim and I would feel awful. I would play these songs every time I had an attack.

Also seroquel really helped me with anxiety.

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dont be in persue of reasons in nervous disorders but see what works for you, in your case you should be after different meds to see which of them works for you, there should be many trials and errors to see what suits you so dont be disappointed and start, go to different phychiatrists or different meds with one phychiatrists, i cured after 8 years of trial and error and torture, wish you find your cure soon.

Man that’s a lot of Risperidone. I was on at most 4 mg and i was basically a zombie, i just sat and ate, no moving around at all. the fattest i’ve ever been.

risperidone is prescribed for many psychotic symptoms. voices, paranoia, delusions, hallucinations. that’s a huge dose tho. i saw it was (2-8mg max) on the bottle i had.

That’s what I am discovering, that’s its a lot. I fell like if the fire alarm went off I would say , “oh I guess I better get up and get out of the house. Did I just send the email, I better check. Is there anything I think I should take with me, let me think” And I’d sit right there. Brain dead.
Here’s he deal, when anxiety hits and it hits frequently I start to drag my words. He sees the worst of it since I’m emotional when I am there. But anytime there is more than 5 in the room I am going to get anxious, I will try my best to get the word out and cant. I know what I want to say, I just cant do it. And then my head will slowly start to slightly jerk and the more nervous I get the more it jerks till its super hard like a jolt and it will go on for 2 to 3 hours. I do take something but it only lessons it not stop it. I will go 3 to 4 days without sleeping at all, I just cant turn my brain off, or my head hurs so bad the pain over rides the need for sleep. I will pace and pace my onle leg will pain me so bad I feel like I have to do something to work it out, 5 hoours later I am still awake. If I lay down its only a half hour before I need to get my child up so I just stay up. He also has me on 4 zanax a day. Which I am told is also a lot. I have a child with Epilepsy, so its no stretch that I have neurological issues as well. I just dont know what to research. I cant tell my spouse the meds I am given are for Schizophrenia or bi polar, he already tells me I am stupid for listening to any of them and to just take coral calcium and it would all go away. I cant let him see me give my child his meds or he goes off on me, that I cause the seizures. I know its not true, but its like I am always hiding from a verbal punch. That may account for the anxiety. I just feel that if I study the “category” knowledge is power to know when something is off, to tell my care taker, to go to the hospital, to choose better foods. We are already gluetin free as possible and no red meat. ( it has high doses of copper which is a conductor for seizures). Sean’s condition has improved since I have taken an active role in learning all I can to keep his environment safe so he can be seizure free or less frequent. I am just at a loss as to where I fall.

I would seriously question any doctor that prescribes you 10mg of risperidone. I take 2mg of Risperdal and at the highest dose I was on 4 mg I think. I think you mean 1mg of risperidone. You mentioned 0.5 twice daily. Getting a second third and fourth opinion are options for you.

y stay with a man that doesn’t take urs or ur son’s condition seriously? just curious.

Thankyou Zengarden! I google free nature sounds each night and set up combined sounds, I like the ocean and thunder and the train. I cant sleep unless it is on, I cant settle my nerves, I fell like I am going to crawl out of my skin then the shaking starts. But I have not had it on in the day! I will go to the library this week and get some soothing music, perfect Idea.

Thank you Aliali! Sound advice! reading all the info on the risperidone, I was scared to take it, but I can take the 10 and I am fine. It does calm that racing heart rate feeling much better than the BP meds do. So what does that say about me if I can handle 10 MG a day? That I must be really anxious to take that much to feel like I can breathe without my heart racing out of control if I am out of the house. It still does and traffic is a huge problem for me, but Im not getting an intense chest pain just some.
I was assigned to a different Psychiatrist at first and his waiting room was so out of control I started shaking and they wanted to call the EMTs. He treats the parolees and they were fighting mad it was taking so long to get their slip to get their drugs. It took 3 days to leave the house with out a panic attack as I stepped out they were so bad. My current doctor spent 20 years in the Military so he will not put up with unruly behavior. I feel very safe with him. Thats a good sign right???

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Wave, I know, right!!! I have been scared to take it. Both sister in laws are ICU RNS and they said it is really high especially when I take 4 zanax a day as well and one other.
I have taken the 2 a day now for 3 days and I can tell when it starts to wear off, my heart rate goes above the 120 mark. It goes as high as 140. then the BP goes over 200 and 130 on the bottom. Its brought it back down to 100 to 110 range. But I really want to beat this not hooked on drugs. My mountain dew don’t taste the same! Probably a good thing, LOL That’s my one vice.

The least little bit of tension triggers the anxiety. I think that the constant emotional and verbal abuse has played a part in it. I am parinoid that if I set him off that my child will have a seizure and it could kill him since they are insulin seizures. So I appease at all costs. Its wrong to not stand up, I know, but I have a panic attack that could kill me they are so bad at the thought of him triggering one in my child. This is why I desperately need to get well so I can choose healthy options. I cant work, no decisions yet on any assistance, so I have to make the best of it for now. At one time I held a position that brought in 150k a year for over 10 years, so I know I can eventually get back to being a valuable contributor. Self esteem and self worth are at an all time low I don’t have the mentally ability right now, I would not survive it. But thats my goal. My mom was also always nervous and I kept peace for her all the time from a brother that was a bully so part of me needs to relearn how to not fall in to the roll as an appeaser to resolve things. I am hoping my doctor can help me learn those skills, help me relearn not to be triggered as well.

i hope u get the assistance u need. both financially and medically. u sound to me like u have ptsd from trauma, i think once ur out of that situation things will start to improve for u. it’s not a cure but it 's a start on the road to recovery. good luck hunni. xxx

You are so smart! My doctor spent 20 years in the military treating PTSD and Anxiety, he said the exact same thing.Thanks for the support and uplifting words of encouragement.

I have heard anything over 8mg wont be more effective. I take 1mg. I have managed to lose a lot of weight on 1mg. Risperdal seems to be good at being an antidepressant too.

I had three attacks one day and had to pull over my car three times. Then I drove myself to the hospital. I thought maybe my heart was giving out because everything kept getting dim and thought I was going to pass out. They ran a bunch of tests and told me it was anxiety attacks. Omg. They increased my paliperidone amd I haven’t had an attack in a year. I was having them nearly every day for a little while. I have it happen every time I think a thought I can’t handle.

glad to hear you are more fine and relaxed, you are a nice person, God be with you and hope you better days and happy new year, ready for any help though you are more capable of helping yourself than me.

I know Risperdal is supposed to have antidepressant properties, but for me it has not been helping much with my depression. I may have to be switching to a stronger antidepressant type AP like Latuda.

Thank you Wave. Its great to have evaluations of the meds or medical studies from actual patients. Its the only way we who suffer from neurological issues can access the yea’s and nae’s of a drug or study. Its refreshing to be able to have someone else say this is how I feel or this was my reaction to a drug and we can say YES! EXACTLY! I am sure I am not the only one who try’s to explain something to the doctor and they look at you with a blank stare as if you are making things up. Otherwise we are at a loss as how to describe what goes on with a solid conviction.