Take up volunteering again after long break

tonight I am going to the meeting of the organisation that I am involved with. The organisation is helping children form poor families in India get an education in a few boarding schools run my padres. These boarding schools do not discriminate anybody can go there. The organisation helps by finding sponsors for each child, who pays a monthly amount of 20 Euro until the child has some educational degree. The sponsor gets regular updates and letters from the child/young person so he can have a personal connection with the child/young person he is helping. The 20 Euro per month finance the education and the food and dormitory for the pupii. I thought this is a good idea and whats good about this particualr organisation, its completely run by volunteers who do not get paid. So all fo the money that is collected reaches the children. If there is money left over from some larger donations by private persons the organisation does projects like electrification of villages and bulding of water wells togeher with technical experts who already do this. Anyway, I am going to the meeting tonight of the volunteers after a long break when I was sick. I am not sure if you all noted this but I had posted some time ago I had come down with pneumonia. It took like seven weeks to get better and also developed a sinusits and ear infection from the same virus or bacteria. I could barely hear for a while because my ears were all clogged up. The doctor had to punctuate my ear drum so to take all the mucus out and insert a kind of tube so the ear gets air. I can hear better now and I work since two weeks again. For like two months I did not go to any meeting or helped in any way with the organisation and I could not help them with anything. I feel bad about it. They wanted to organise a lof of fund raising activirties in their 50 year anniversary year. Now I am going tonight to the meeting and try to offer my help for anything they need help with. They plan a stand in a local parish fair and I may probably help set up the stand and man the stand during the fair and after I help take it down. This year did not go as planned at all, I am constantly sick with virus infections. This has been happening after I got my first flu shot in my life last winter and since then I am contstantly sick with colds. I suppose no doctor would suggest there is a connection but I think there is.


This is so strange.

I have never gotten a flu shot. :thinking:

But once or maximum twice a year I get a cold.

Good luck with the volunteering. Sounds great. I am trying to find a program too.

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The meeting went well, Very interesting to catch up with whats happening. For the parish fair, they are looking for someone to paint henna on people as a way to attract bystanders to the stand. They also plan a fashion show wtih Indian clothes for anybody who likes to dress up in traditional indian wear. We are going to adverstise a water project by a Jesuit Padre in India who has made incredible strides to bring water to remote villages who are affected by drought. He litterally brings these villages to life again. My organisation going to help him fundraise at the parish fair. Apart from that the sponsorign of pupils for the boarding schools is advertised and we hope to find new sponsors. Later in the year we going to have a dancing Jesuit padre from India visitng ouir local church. He will tour some churches in Hamburg and give presentations of traditional Indian dance. Its very difficult dance style which takes many years to master but he put his own interprestation in it because he dances stories from the bible. Other activities have been discussed but probably need more time to realise. For example we try to set up a partnership between a Catholic School in Hamburg with a School run by the Catholic Jesuit Padres in India. Then we would like to have an art project wehere pupils of both schools are given photo cameras to take snap shots of theri daily lifes…these photografs are then exhibited or published in a book. That was an idea that I brought up actually. The German partnerschool can then try to raise funds for their partnerschool in India. For example by finding sponsors for a running event so that the German kids run for the Indian schools and the sponsor pays for each kilometer they run. I the meeting this evening we actually decided formally to send a tranche of 11 K Euro to the aproximately five schools in India for the next quarter. I am happy to be part of this organisation. Nothing was delegated to me yet, but I am going to work on a poster for them to advertise the activities of the remaining anniversary year. This poster should be hung up in the local catholic churches Hamburg at a minimum or maybe other places as well.

This is awesome! What a great charity you’ve picked. I’m really impressed by you. I hope it’s a great meeting tonight and hope you have fun at the fair.

I know you’re right they won’t admit it but it’s not your imagination. I’ve tried 3 times to get flu shots and I’ve been very Ill all 3 times. Never again.

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Good for you for staying so active in the community and helping other people. :slight_smile:

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Thanks you for the encouragement. I have good intentions but actually I have not done much for them yet. I went to three meetings to listen to the older people speak and bring in some few ideas. I could not help much because for the past two months when I was sick I have stayed away from meetings and not done any organising for them. Now I have not been delegated any jobs from this meeting tonight because they kind of lost trust in me and I dont have a good standing. I need to go a few times again to the meetings until I gain back some of the trust and standing.


Im sure they will understand that you were sick. Just give them a little time and they will ask you to do some things.

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That video is the dancing Jesuit Priest from India that comes to our church this fall. He has a Dancing School in Calcutta and teaches traditional Indian dance there. Interesting man for sure. In him come different strands together, the traditional Indian culture and the Christian Western culture. I will be able to meet him. He is an acquaintance of our chairman. The organisation I volunteer at works closely together with the Jesuit priests living in India.

I volunteer for the Legion. I visit with people at my assisted living facility where I live. I also call up people that belong to the Legion and ask how they are doing with their Legion obligations. I attend Legion meetings every week too. I have belonged to this organization for the past nine years. It is a lifelong commitment.

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