Take Off, eh!

The only question? Who is going to kill me first? Because the line-up will be from here to the Moon!


Nobody is Patrick. You’ll feel better in about 3 weeks once the meds kick in.

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Hang in there @Patrick.
It will take some time.

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just keep taking your meds @Patrick you will be fine. nobody wants to kill you.

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yeah dude, nobody wants to kill you mate.

Your spouse is first in line.


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I fear I don’t have long to go…

I don’t really care what happens to me. I’ve been dead for over 20 years…a walking ghost.

I’m just worried right now for my family’s safety.


I can’t take back what I’ve written. The Internet never gives you a second chance…to reinvent yourself.

But I can deeply apologize to those I’ve hurt with my words as I am doing now.

I’m not going to blame anything because of my schizophrenia either. That would be giving all of you on this forum a bad name. I won’t do that.