Take care everyone I must be going now I'm not liked here

If I’m still alive at Christmas time this year,

I’ll stop by and say Hi.


I like you, @Daze. Please stay.


I don’t think anyone here dislikes you. I definitely don’t want you to go

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I likw you i think your just going through a hard time

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Sorry to hear you feel that way. Please don’t go the more the merrier. This site is here for people like you and me and everyone else with sz no one excluded.

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You just helped me a few days ago @Daze! I like hearing your perspective and about your blog.

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You seem a decent fit here, I don’t see why you say you’re not liked.

are you kidding? did you just write this post for attention or what? what makes you think you are not liked? have you posted something that was flagged or something? bc it happens to me a lot but i try and not take it to heart (it is hard though) anyway atleast you are not suspended lol

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Oh I think you’re liked @Daze. But what ever you decide to do just hang tough. :slight_smile:

Your alright @Daze
No trouble

Don’t go daze. I was just about to message you yesterday to say how happy I am that you are back

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I appreciate the responses.

I found a schizophrenia group on Facebook
that I joined,

and pretty much anything goes.
It’s hard to shake the bad image I have on here.

just wanted to say thanks, to those who care.
be well.

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dude staaaaaaaaaaaay

You have been very welcoming to me on here and you read my memoir writing and had succinct feedback for me which I liked a lot. Also I almost came to your defense yesterday but I didn’t feel like I understood the thread in question enough. Bottom line: you do make sense and I like you, so don’t go!!

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@Daze, I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. I’m really glad you came back. If you decide that being here isn’t good for your mental health, I understand, but lots of people are happy to see you post.

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Well if I offended you I apologize but, if you let social media affect you, you need to look at your life and not needing validity. I work on that daily

:blush:I like you based upon what I have read from you.

I have only read a couple of your posts so I can not say I know you so well.

I sometimes feel unliked and hated too and I think lots of people on the forum can feel such things and that they do not fit in or are excluded some how etc

Hope you will feel better soon and feel welcome and liked.

You are not the only one who feels such ways.

Good wishes to you!!!


I don’t get to talk to you much. But stay.you never know wehelp each other here.


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